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How we solve your problems


A customer asked if we can build a portable cash register PDA:
we took our GTA04 design, added a bigger display and battery and protoyped the Letux 3704. We developed a Replicant (Android) support package.
EvilDragon from asked if we can develop a "Pandora 2“:
we jointly designed the electronics around an OMAP5 processor, added 3G/4G modules and provided kernel drivers ( We introduced the design into mass production.
J. Reisenweber from asked if we can help to build a new device like the Nokia N900:
we started with a feasibility study and started to develop the electronics for the
A customer asked if we can design a wristwatch computer:
did study feasibility with an OMAP3 and a 3G module and technically it is possible. It is more an issue of economics and useability.
A customer asked if we can build a 7 inch tablet computer:
we prototyped the Letux 7004.