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About Us


The company Golden Delicious Computers GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2007 in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany and is the continuation of the Handheld-Linux shop which was founded in 2003. For more information see History.


Our Motto is:

“Make the customer come back and not the Product“

We feel ourselves as a permanently learning organization that knows that humans make mistakes but can learn from their analysis. Satisfied customers and employees are the most important capital we have. So we take care of each other.


Our culture is to allow for maximum creativity, flexibility and productivity. And we want to get things done. Working for Golden Delicious must “feel well“. Constant improvement, engagement for solutions, and fun are important factors. And we want to prove that it is still possible to develop great ideas and successful products in Bavaria. In the long run we aim to become an Excellent company as defined by EFQM.