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Hardware Products

"Letux" is our own trade brand for Hardware devices that have been designed and / or modified by Golden Delicious Computers.

Our goal is to make the devices more open, i.e. by adding documentation or a completely free and open operating system (e.g. U-Boot + Kernel + Debian + LXDE).

We have also sold and supported Sharp Zaurus and Openmoko devices in the past.

The GTA04 (view) is a motherboard upgrade for the Openmoko devices designed to provide 3G, faster CPU&GPU, camera, sensors, but still fitting inside the existing case.

Software Products

We also sell some Software products, mainly for MacOS X:
  • ZMacSync
  • GEDCOM Editor

Custom Design

We can do Custom Design for you, based on the experiences from our own products. Services go from circuit design through PCB prototypes to transfer into production.